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The Living Contradiction

We All Feel Better In The Dark

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I don't believe in magic. But I do believe in interpreting coincidence exactly the way you want to.
--Sherman Alexie

removing the darkness
unveiled in a new light
basked in a love that I cannot deny

like catching a snowflake on your tongue
like your favorite book you curl up with
like the first hour of daylight on the tips of flowers

i'm a villain who has turned myself in
reformed from my evil ways
because the goodness is just that damn good.
cuffed and serving a life sentence in which my caged heart
flies free to mountaintops, bounces
and smiles to strangers in the street
singing along to love songs on the radio

you see my damaged heart
and take my scars as your own
like a hero in shining armour
or a lighthouse in a storm
you saved me from myself
and introduced me to you
to love

--"Untitled" by D.G.

Desidono: OMG, did I tell you that I made a full course meal for D on Wednesday?
olives stuffed with garlic appetizer, italian salad with dressing,
artichoke with lemon shallot dip, and lemon chive pasta with

Jess: fancy! delcious! and meat free!

Desidono: OMG, I just realized. Fuck. What the hell has Seattle done to me?

Jess: haha ha hahaha! meat free meat free!

--in conversation with Jess

"I would've *twice* been without a place to live were it not for guys you once dated."


"You're a musician, you're smart, you're devastatingly sexy... and completely emotionally unavailable."

"I want you to have him, so I can have him!"

"I don't hold a candle for him, I have a blowtorch."

--Holly Chernobyl

Desi does haiku
Half the LJ calories
Twice the crypticness


it's like you had this great code
and then a random deletion left it corrupted
and it's going through an endless loop of calls
building up more and more useless data every single time
taking more and more of your available resources
until it finally crashes
that's right
crying is like a bluescreen for the mind

--ldystardust on crying

More gonads, less strife!


Desi is my soul
split apart, which would be sad
if it weren't so fun

If Desi's Filthy,
that makes me the Gorgeous one
We're a perfect pair!

--Haiku on Demand by ldystardust

You pick up this working girl who's hooked on smack, who hustles and scores, 'that's all I do,' she says. '10 bucks for head, 15 for half and half,' she says. '3 hits a day at 35 per,' you say, 'thats 7 tricks a day at least,' but she says 'sometimes I get lucky, once this guy gives me a bill and a half just to eat me, only time I ever came.'

You figure you can save her. You sell your color TV that keeps her off the streets a whole day, you hawk your typewriter for one jolt, then your shotgun, your watch. A week later you say 'listen I'm a little short,' but she says 'no scratch, no snatch.' You say 'look, it is better to give,' but she says 'beat-off creep.'

One night they spot you on the street in your skivvies tryin to sell your shoes. You tell them who you are but they nail you. Then she happens by and she says 'Christ, you look fucked. Hang tough.' But you don't say anything. You just think 'what a bum wrap for a nice sensitive guy like me.'
--You are Sleeping (PQM)

It's not the way that I want it
It's just the way that I need it
Day after day
--Kelly Osborne (One Word)

I didn't feel a thing when you told me that
You didn't feel a thing when I told you that
I didn't feel a thing
Another breakfast with you
--Ladytron (Another Breakfast with You)

This is what I would look like if I were the Aquatic Form of a Night Elf Druid

...and dead

Commentary Is Fun!

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